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Products >> Frozen Antarctic Krill

Frozen Antarctic Krill

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Product Name: Frozen Antarctic Krill
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Antarctic krills are foods of high-protein. According to the biochemical component analysis of Antarctic krill, the proportions of the components in their flesh by weight are as follows: 17.56% protein, 2.11%fat, 2.36% ash and 77.26%moisture. Further component analysis of amino acid in Antarctic krill shows that the krill contains all of the essential amino acid needed by human body. Most especially, the lysine content, which symbolizes nutrition charecteristics, is much higher even than that of tunny, tiger shrimp or beef. The content of glutamic acid, glycine, alamine, serine and threonine all of which have delicate flavour and sweet taste is also very high, and the whole proportion is 46.73% of the protein in the krill body.

All of the 8 amino acids needed by human body can be found in Antarctic krill and they constitute 41.04% of the protein in krill body. And together with arginine and histidine which are partially needed by human body, they are of more than a half (53. O%) of the protein in the krill body. The fatty acids content in Antarctic krill body is 2.11% which is higher than that of prawn. The unsaturated fatty acid (which constitutes 70.36% of the fatty acids in the krill body ) content is 2.4 times as much as saturated fatty acid.

The linoleic acid (one of the essentially-neeeded fatty acids) is 4.02% of the unsaturated fatty acid and this is higher than that of prawn. There are also many kinds of metallic elements in Antarctic krill body. The ash content is 3.37% of the whole body and 2.36% of the flesh. Other elements needed by human body, such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium, are also found in keill body. The World Health Organization once evaluated the comprehensive amino acid nutritive value of Antarctic krill, prawn, cowmilk and beef, and krill got 100 marks, with beef 96, cowmilk 91 and prawn 71.

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